Soft Washing or Pressure Washing:

Which One Is Right?

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Pros of Soft Washing

There are many situations where pressure washing may not be the best option for cleaning your home or commercial properties. However, our exceptionally-trained soft washing team will never cause harm to your property. Soft washing, when done correctly using appropriate tools and techniques, is more beneficial.

We employ the right tools and procedures to deliver top-of-the-line and exceptional service. Our soft-washing approach features low-pressure, which cleans the exterior of your property without causing any harm from high water pressure. We use strong cleaning products which are equally eco-safe for your landscaping, family, and pets. With our top-notch detergents and mild washing method, you can confide in us as the trusted partner for all your exterior surface cleaning needs.

Cons of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a fast and efficient method for removing greases, dirt, algae, stains, and other contaminants. However, it requires the right skills and specialized equipment to avoid structural damage. Not every pressure washing company has the required equipment and training. Luckily, at Millennium Soft Pressure Washing LLC, every staff member is fully trained and qualified to meet industry standards. We use standard cleaning procedures and innovative technology to ensure that your home or business facility is never at risk of damage. With Millennium Soft Pressure Washing at your side, you can expect the best and most specialized service possible.

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Soft Washing (The Future)VSPressure Washing (Old Way)
Cleans Dirt
Cleans Dust
Cleans Pollen
Cleans Mildew/Mold
Safe For Vinyl SIding
Cleans Concrete
Safe For Wood
Safe For Stucco
Window Safe
Approved For Roof Cleaning
Won't Force Water Into Cracks

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